Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shooting to help my corporate clients

I completed a shoot for Thumbtack who are based in SOMA, to supply them with additional collateral for their website and also PR and Marketing needs. They are a very progressive, fun, and hardworking bunch of people. We did headshots, full lengths, office candids and everything in between. So now they have a catalog of images they can use for whatever need comes up.

They had asked me to suggest some way of portraying everyone that could instantly tie them to the brand as well as trying to get across how much fun they have working together at their offices. I came up with the idea of showing them each with a giant thumbtack like the one in their logo.

It was quite surreal for some of the staff as I got them to pose for me against an imaginary giant thumbtack that only I could see in my imagination! Everyone was totally cooperative and good natured about this and I got all the poses I wanted.

Once I had the various poses for 8 people, I made my way back to my studio for the next part. On my way, I bought a packet of thumbtacks that matched the one used in their logo.

I took some macro shots of one of the tacks and then cut it out in Photoshop . I didn't like the way the metal pin was looking in the shots though. The tacks are manufactured cheaply and the pins are invariably pitted and not perfectly cylindrical which gave off distracting highlight and shadow patterns. To fix this I simply drew the metal part in Photoshop.

Once I was happy with the pin, it was a simple matter of applying each staff member to the pin image, shortening or lengthening the pin, and applying any shadowing to complete the illusion.

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